Born in Quebec , Marie-Hélène Beaudry now lives in the country side.  Since her toddler years, she has never stopped experimenting with space and color.  In High School, she preferred classes where she could draw, unnoticed; it is in her Biology class that she discovers her interest in drawing animal and human forms. As of today, throughout her research, man in his capacity to transform adversity is omnipresent.  Beaudry has traveled through considerable trials and tribulations in her life.  Her work transpires to its core the affirmation of emerging power. Represented by the Caelum Gallery in New York, Beaudry is part of numerous private and public collections throughout Quebec as well as the United States.

Nowhere and everywhere. A space where the artist is at ease.

Marie-Hélène Beaudry’s work breathes freedom. Her paintings have a unique quality: they evolve before our very eyes. The transcendent shapes convey the viewer into another dimension…and the viewer is more than tempted.   His consenting eyes are captured by the imaginary, he adapts his dreams to the world he sees, he becomes himself creator.

For Marie-Hélène, the creative process begins with emptiness. An hour of meditation is an absolute must before holding the brush. To be in tune with the moment, the sky has to be clear. The expression of her work is spontaneous and experimental because she is constantly evolving from one world to another.

She worships the moment, this is why she imposes on herself no constraint and no plan. The immaculate canvas will dictate the path.
Marie-Hélène has an intimate relationship with colors. She dives into the Prussian blues, she soars with the luminous ocres. Like a chameleon, she alters her skin color to embrace the mutant on the canvas. She   will just go where she needs to go. That’s how free spirits do.

There are so many avenues in art, but one thing that should be said about Marie-Hélène Beaudry’s work is that it invites us to rise above the routine of life. It is everything but real.

The essence of dreams is lightness and fantasy. So be it, thinks the unrestrained artist before discarding the thought itself. Let there be light!

Marie-Christine Lussier, author